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5 Best Interview Questions to Ask Your Candidate - Spark Hire

5 Best Interview Questions to Ask Your Candidate - Spark HireWe recently discussed some of the best questions that candidates will ask you in an interview. If you are interviewing a talented and savvy job seeker, then chances are they will slip you a couple of those questions. If you intend on keeping that talent, then you had better be ready to answer them On the flip side though, what are some of the best questions you can ask a candidate in an interview to determine if they are right for your open position?The questions you ask your job seekers are the foundation of your interview. In fact, they pretty much make up the whole thing. You will get the information you need based on the kinds of questions you ask. If you ask the right questions, then you will get some very good and insightful answers. If you ask close-ended questions that give you little to no insight into how ansicht candidates work, then youre only cheating yourself.Lets take a look at what some of the best interview questions for candidates are.What are the first five things you would do if you got this job?Phew Talk about getting right to the meat of it. In order to truly answer this question, the candidate needs to have a firm understanding of what this position entails. You need to make sure you have fully described this role and what is needed out of it. If you have done that, then this candidate will have to take a moment and really think about what they would do to excel in this position. It also gives you insight into how they view this position and what they think is needed in order to fill it.What are your two greatest weaknesses?This is certainly a popular question to ask in an interview, but theres good reason for that. Asking this question assesses the candidates ability to recognize the areas they need to improve upon. I cannot tell you how frustrating it is when I ask a candidate what they think their greatest weakness is and they say, Ohh, I dont know. Even worse is when they an swer the question with a strength. Cliche A great candidate will tell you an actual weakness and will follow it up with how they are trying to improve that weakness, or how they already have.What is your preferred work environment?This helps you determine if this candidate will fit into your companys culture- which is a really big component of finding the right candidate. A highly qualified candidate that doesnt fit in with the team likely wont work up to their full potential.Why did you leave, or why are you leaving, your brde job?This is one of the most common questions, but you can learn a lot from the candidate. If they answer this question with a negative about their last company or boss, then you probably dont want to hire them. It should be known that speaking negatively of your last company is off limits in an interview. If they speak poorly of them what will stop them from speaking poorly of you?Tell me about a time you took a risk and failed.This is kind of like the weakne sses question. If they are smart, they will be honest and tell you about a time they really did fail. However, the key is elaborating upon that and telling you how they worked to fix it or what they are doing to better handle the situation next time. Failure to talk about failure is, well, failure.

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21 Hacks for Job Search Inspiration

21 Hacks for Job Search Inspiration21 Hacks for Job Search InspirationEven for the most eager of job seekers, job searching can quickly become routine and boring. If youre looking to breathe new life into your job search, these 21 hacks for job search inspiration (inspired from the Entrepreneur infographic Feeling Stumped?) just might do the trick- and get you a job offer.21 Hacks for Job Search Inspiration1. Pick the worst idea.Even if you think an idea might be bad (e.g., a career change at this stage in your career), take time to go through all the risks to determine if its something you should go after. (It just might be)2. Make small bets.Sure, youd like to redesign your entire resume and cover letter in one afternoon, but by making smaller changes over time, youll be more successful.3. Question everything.If youve been applying for jobs but havent heard back, look at your job application to see what might be going wrong. And if you cant find any glaring errors, ask a trusted fr iend or colleague to review it for you.4. Be a copycat.Theres elendhing wrong with mirroring some of the techniques of successful job seekers. See what they did to get hired, and modify their practices to fit your job search needs.5. Connect with three people.Do you lovenetworking- or hate networking? Maybe your feelings fall somewhere somewhere in the middle. Either way, make a promise to connect with three new people this week. You never know where those connections could take you.6. Think like a genius.If you have industry leaders you follow on social media, look to see what they have done to achieve greatness, and find ways to make some of their tips work for you.7. Write it down.Write down three (and only three) things that you would like to accomplish today, in order of hardest to easiest. departure with the hardest first. It will give you momentum to finish the other tasks- and a strong sense of accomplishment.8. Practice, practice.In order to get good at job searching, you n eed to do it every day. No slacking9. Focus.Clear your desk so that clutter (such as scattered papers and coffee cups) doesnt distract you, and focus solely on your job search- no Facebook surfing allowed.10. Say maybe.Consider other career fields if your heart really isnt in your job search. It could be a sign that its time to find a job that feeds your soul.11. Daydream and doodle.Imagine what you would do if money werent an option. Then try to relate that hobby or dream into a real job- then restructure your job search to find a position that matches.12. Call a friend.You cant job search all day without burning out. Take time to meet with friends for lunch or coffee and talk about everything under the sun- except your search. You need a mental break from it.13. Get moving.Grab your woofies leash, lace up your sneaks, and take your dog for a walk. Sometimes, the best ideas come when youre not sitting behind a desk.14. Look outside your industry.Even though you might be in accounti ng, applying some principles from a noted marketing exec might help spark new ideas and reignite your job search.15. Unplug.Yes, you should devote time to your job search but not all your time. Take time to rest, sleep well, and nurture your body and mind so that youre refreshed for the next days search.16. Be silent.Listening is always the best way to learn new things. If you are at a networking event, or even during a job interview, listen to what people are saying, and apply their constructive criticism to improving your search.17. Forget perfect.You could spend hours and hours tweaking your resume- or you could start sending it out and applying for the jobs you want as you find them. The choice is yours.18. Dont wait.Hiring managers wont wait for you. You have to send in your job application now if you want to be considered for the position. Dont delay.19. Imagine distance.Job searching can be all-consuming. Take a break and walk away from your desk. Get some physical activity i n and youll be able to think more clearly.20. Reset goals.Sure, the end goal of a job search is to get a job. But along the way, you might change up the rules on how to get there. Look at the guidelines youve given to yourself for your daily job search and see how you can reset them to achieve job search success.21. Start over.If youve been plugging away at your job search for much longer than you anticipated, dump everything- temporarily. When youre ready to renew your search with a fresh mind, start over again.These 21 job search hacks for inspiration should help breathe new life into a stale job search and get you thinking creatively about how to find the position of your dreams.Readers, which hacks for job search inspiration resonated the most with you and why? Let us know in the comments below

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Professional Resume Writers and Their Magic Wands

Professional Resume Writers and Their Magic Wands Professional Resume Writers and Their Magic Wands Today Im working on a fantastic project. My client has a diverse and interesting background and is making a career change. His experiences are perfect for what he wants to do next, but presenting them well means carefully sifting through them and selecting the things that are most helpful while minimizing the stuff that might distract recruiters.I love doing this and Im good at it. I instinctively know what to include and what to leave out and how to lay it all out on the page. If you have relevant experience, no matter how long ago, or how unusual it is, I can help you show your worth.But sometimes Im approached by people I cant help. People who simply dont have the experience required but who think I have a magic wand. Todays was an IT professional who wanted to go into web design. The only problem is that he hadnt done any web design I dont mean he hadnt done any professionally. I mean he hadnt done any. No volunteer work, no college studies, no unpaid work for friends and family. NothingI know I could do a great job, he told me. I just need someone to give me a chance and I can learn on the job. Thats where a good resume comes in.Um no. Actually it isnt.There is nothing I can do on a resume that can make up for the fact that you havent put in the time. If you have unpaid experience, I can make it look paid. If youve freelanced while working full-time jobs, I can bring that freelancing to the forefront. if you started out in design and then moved away from it, I have tricks to bring that design experience back into focus for employers. If youve taken college classes, I can write about your college design projects.But if youre just hoping to persuade employers to hire you with no experience and then teach you the job, youre hoping for a miracle and miracles I dont do.Photo by DoubleM2

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Grow With Google Job Search for Veterans

Grow With Google Job Search for VeteransGrow With Google Job Search for VeteransRealizing there was a need for veterans to find a way to use the skills they acquired during their military tafelgeschirr and for employers to recruit highly skilleuchtdiode job candidates, in August 2018, Google announced a new addition to its Grow With Google initiative- Grow With Google Job Search for Veterans. This resource lets service members who are returning to the civilian workforce locate post-military jobs that match the roles they performed in the armed forces. A related service helps veterans who are starting their own businesses let customers know these entities are owned or led by veterans. Each year, approximately 200,000 service members leave the military and over the last five years, just under one million have returned to civilian life (Veteran Impact in the Workforce. Syracuse University Institute for Veterans and Military Families).One of the most significant problemstransitioningvete rans face involves entering or re-entering the civilian workforce. Close to half (45 percent) want to remain in careers related to their military jobs, but they struggle to find a way to fully utilize their skills. Grow With Google Job Search for Veterans helps facilitate this process. What Is Grow With Google? The tech giant launched Grow With Google in 2017 to provide free training, events, and tools to help individuals, including veterans and their spouses, acquire skills needed to succeed in school, the workplace, or their own businesses. It gives people who are not directly affiliated with Google the ability to utilize the companys tools and training toexpand their skill sets and, subsequently, their employability or success as entrepreneurs.One can get a professional certification in IT support or learn how to utilize Googles tools through self-paced video lessons. Another extremely useful component of Grow With Google is a job search tool that gathers employment opportun ities from around the web. Users can access it directly from the search engines homepage by entering keywords, for example,nursing jobs near me, into the Google search bar. WIth Grow With Google Job Search for Veterans, former service people can further customize their search in order to find jobs that match their military roles. How to Use Grow With Google Job Search for Veterans To access Grow With Google Job Search for Veterans, go to the Google homepage and enterjobs for veterans in the search box. You will then be asked to enter your MOS code. This is your Military Occupational Specialty- the job you held while in the armed forces. Depending on the branch of the military in which you served, this will be your MOS which isused by the Army and Marine Corps, AFSC (Air Force Specialty Code), or NEC (Navy Enlisted Classification). Your results will include relevant civilian jobs that correspond to the skills you used in your military role. Google Also Helps Vets Who Are Busin ess Owners Google also recognizes the fact that some veterans opt to start their own businesses instead of looking for employment. The company introduced a way to promote vet-owned or led companies. Using Google My Business to create a free profile, those companies can self-identify so customers can easily find them. More Ways Google Helps Veterans Access Job Opportunities Companies that use Googles Cloud Talent Solution can provide job listings on their career sites that take veterans military skills into account. tafelgeschirr members who are looking for work can use their MOS, AFSC, or NEC to search for jobs on many employers websites or several job boards. Here are some of the sites that let you match your military skills with civilian job opportunities Career Builder Use Career Builder, a job board, to search for openings in a variety of fields. Type your MOS or relevant code into the search box.Getting Hired This site specializes in matching disabled job seekers and veter ans with employment.FedEx for Veterans The package delivery company has a job search tool dedicated specifically to veterans. Enter your MOS or other occupational specialty code to see if it is hiring people with your skills.Encompass Health Encompass Health provides inpatient rehabilitation, home healthcare, and hospice services. The company actively recruits veterans by allowing them to search by military occupational codes. Siemens This German-based multi-national conglomerate hires in the career fields of engineering, manufacturing, operations, information technology, and sales and marketing. Enter your MOS or related code into the search box. If theres a matching job, it will show up in your results.

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The Bad Secret of Should Resume Be in past Tense

The Bad Secret of Should Resume Be in past Tense The Debate Over Should Resume Be in past Tense Mixing tenses in your present job isnt problematic, as you are currently not doing everything at precisely the same moment. The easy past is the fundamental kind of past tense in English. If you arent sure which words to use, find keywords in the work description. Enjoy the remainder of the lesson Learning the Arabic Verbs is quite important because its structure is utilized in everyday conversation. Within this sentence the verb phrase indicates that Ill finish the action of writing at some time later on. As soon as you get these, youre going to be constructing sentences in no moment Likewise dont neglect to look at the remainder of our other lessons listed on Learn Arabic. Should Resume Be in past Tense Ideas You may also secure different discounts on our site which will help you to save some more money for future orders or anything you want to spend them on. Every hiring mana ger would like to employ a person who will take initiative. A lot of the taxpayers money was invested in them. Perhaps you won a nationally recognized award in your geschftsleben or industry. These irregulars appear in the previous tense too. You must be consistent. Its possible to learn more about or you are able to utilize to discover more. Dont use passive tense. Meanings The Past Simple is just one of the tenses that we use to speak about events, states or actions that were completed sooner or later before. Negatives are created with not. Blocked printers cannot print. Present tense verbs happen in the present, and future tense verbs occur in the future. The perfect way to learn irregular past tense verbs is by way of practice. For most verbs, the past participle is just like the previous tense and is made by including an d, ed or ied at the close of the word. The present participle is also utilised to produce the progressive tense. Otherwise, you already understa nd what the sentences say Not all verbs may create a progressive tense. Irregular verbs have quite a few spellings. The irregular verbs have to be memorized. Concentrate on the past two letters of the verb you wish to conjugate. Its simple to remember the way to make the previous tense of these verbs since they follow a pattern. Even the term conjugation is complicated. Vital Pieces of Should Resume Be in past Tense Otherwise, here is a small background. As they are irregular, they dont stick to any pattern and the best method to learn them would be to repeat and memorize them. Scannability is among the most essential characteristics of a quality resume. Not only will a great pair help you like your running, in addition, it can defend you from injury. Ideas, Formulas and Shortcuts for Should Resume Be in past Tense You dont know whether the hiring manager will have the ability to find the distinctive symbols on their PC. Put simply, maybe the group of scientists in the very first example are still doing research, or perhaps they arent. Use the previous simple as soon as an action is done at a certain point in time previously. Also, it usually took place over an extended period of time. The action of sleeping will begin before we arrive, and it is going to be in progress at a specific time later on. Theres a form you havent learned yet that is quite common dealing with the present tense. Picking the most suitable tense is important once youre beginning to compose a resume and apply to jobs. Forming this future tense is a simpler process than nearly all of the others. The present perfect tense can also demonstrate an action started before and is still happening in the present. Likewise there are various tactics to pronounce this ending. Because of this, simple past cant be used. The easy past is used to spell out an action that occurred and was completed previously. Employers search for particular words.

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The Honest to Goodness Truth on Free Resume Writing Templet

The Honest to Goodness Truth on Free Resume Writing Templet Employing a custom resume instead of a generic one is going to greatly increase your odds of an interview, as youll be a better match in the view of the reader. Employing the proper format you would present your professional attitude and approach in everything that you do. Nowadays you know a few of the benefits of working with our writers. Double check to ensure that everything on the last version of the resume is about you. All you need to do is discover one you like, click on it, and get started writing. There are lots of free resume templates readily available on the web but sometimes it can be very tough to decide on the best one that is fruchtwein suited to you. Want to Know More About Free Resume Writing Templet? Resume writing samples provided will offer you a peek into the type of resume you desire to have according to your profession. Resume writing formats consist of whole collection of categories of pr ofession to decide on the most suitable format. You are able to also see Writing Template. Resume writing templates are segregated into various types based on the profession and achievements of an individual. The upcoming free resume template is devised in the shape of a brochure. Once you have selected your perfect resume template from our selection, follow our absolutely free expert guidance about ways to craft the ideal modern resume. Sometimes all you will need is a traditional style template thats clean, clear and right to the point. Show employers that youre current and produce a terrific first impression by selecting the proper template. A basic resume is also less difficult to read. Attempt to keep the resume no longer than 1 page, especially if youre asking for an entry-level job. Alternatively you may download absolutely free PowerPoint backgrounds and slide designs to utilize in job interviews or company presentations or youll be able to find out more about how to download completely free animated PowerPoint backgrounds. The Pain of Free Resume Writing Templet There are lots of free creative resume templates you may use, allowing you to focus your energy on everything else you should do. Two even columns for the rest of the page give you lots of room to woo the company by means of your experience, skills, and education. Getting the most of a resource that wont only help save you time, but is demonstrated to elevate your odds of scoring a work simply is logical. Both content and appearance are important and can help you to kick start your upcoming career an expert way